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The crying game

Hampson, June2013
Books, Manuscripts
'The Crying Game' opens in 1944 and tells the story of Trixie - a girl who has only ever known turmoil. As a teenager, she covers up the terrible truth of her father's death and she and her pregnant mother go on the run. Little does she know that fate has more cruel twists in store. Determined to build a life for herself against all odds, Trixie becomes a singer in the pubs and clubs of Gosport - but her heart is still set on finding the little brother she had to leave behind in Portsmouth years before. It will take Trixie many years and many tears before the truth can finally emerge - but will it finally give her the courage she needs to fall in love?
Main title:
The crying game / June Hampson.
London : Orion, 2013.
352 p.
9781409133735 (pbk)
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