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Big data : does size matter?

Harkness, Timandra2017
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Big data knows where you've been and who your friends are. It knows what you like and what makes you angry. It can predict what you'll buy, where you'll be the victim of crime and when you'll have a heart attack. Big data knows you better than you know yourself, or so it claims. But how well do you know big data? You've probably seen the phrase in newspaper headlines, at work in a marketing meeting, or on a fitness-tracking gadget. But can you understand it without being a Silicon Valley nerd who writes computer programs for fun? Yes. Yes, you can. Timandra Harkness writes comedy, not computer code. The only programmes she makes are on the radio. If you can read a newspaper you can read this book. Starting with the basics - what IS data? And what makes it big? - Timandra takes you on a whirlwind tour of how people are using big data today.
Main title:
Big data : does size matter? / Timandra Harkness.
London : Bloomsbury Sigma, 2017.
320 pages ; 20 cm
Originally published: 2016.Includes index.
9781472920072 (pbk)
Dewey class:
005.7005.7 HAR
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