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The death of the Fronsac : a novel

Ascherson, Neal2017
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In 1940, during the Phony War, a French destroyer blows up in the Firth of Clyde, just off the coast from Greenock. The disaster is witnessed by Jackie, a young girl who, for a time, thinks she caused the explosion by running away that day from school; by her mother Helen, a spirited woman married to a dreary young soldier; and by a Polish officer, whose country has just been erased from the map by Hitler and Stalin. Their lives, and the lives of many others, are changed by the death of the Fronsac. This is a story about divided loyalties, treachery and exile; about people in flight from the destinies that seemed to be theirs before the war disrupted the world they knew.
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London : Apollo, 2017.
368 pages ; 24 cm
9781786694379 (hbk)
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