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Thumbnail for Emissaries of Satan [electronic resource] : Serial Killers Under the Microscope

Emissaries of Satan [electronic resource] : Serial Killers Under the Microscope

Berry-Dee, Christopher2015
MICHAEL ROSS. KENNETH BIANCHI. JOHN SCRIPPS. THESE ARE TRULY THE SERVANTS OF HELL, THREE SAVAGE KILLERS WITHOUT A SHRED OF SOUL BETWEEN THEM.Emissaries of Satan is a gripping, if chilling, forensic examination of three evil men - two American, one British - who between them brutally murdered 29 innocent young women, together with a devoted mother and son.MICHAEL ROSS - 'The Roadside Strangler', a terrifying sexual-sadistic predator, executed by lethal injection in 2005.KENNETH BIANCHI - one of 'The Hillside Stranglers', a rapist and serial killer, still serving a life sentence in Washington State.JOHN SCRIPPS - the British-born 'Tourist from Hell' who slaughtered victims in Singapore and Thailand and watched them bleed before cutting their bodies up. The hangman's noose ended his spree.Christopher Berry-Dee is a bestselling writer and acknowledged authority on serial killers. Several of his books are required reading for students at the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. He interviewed both Ross and Bianchi in prison and witnessed Scripps's execution in Changi Jail; and has received the full cooperation of numerous law-enforcement agencies, including State Police in New York and Connecticut, Singapore Police, and HM Customs & Excise Special Investigations.Besides getting inside the characters of three serial killers, Emissaries of Satan also focuses on the irreparable damage caused by the three monsters, while acknowledging the dedicated men and women of law enforcement who work tirelessly to end the killing sprees of men like Ross, Bianchi and Scripps and bring them to justice.
[Place of publication not identified] : John Blake, 2015
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