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After you've gone

Lingard, Joan2008
Books, Manuscripts
Abstract: Does absence always make the heart grow fonder? Willa was tired of her life; going dancing was the only thing she had to look forward to. But then she met Tommy Costello. With no family of her own, Willa longed for unity, love and adventure. Tommy appeared to offer her all of that.After falling pregnant, and having a somewhat rushed marriage, Willa finds herself beginning to doubt her feelings and Tommy's intentions while he is away on a round-the-world tour. And Tommy's controlling and interfering mother only fuels Willa's claustrophobia. Willa's only escape is through reading books. And it is at the local library that she meets Richard Fitzwilliam, a struggling author with a similar passion for reading, whose friendship gradually begins to change Willa's life.
Main title:
Large print ed.
Oxford : Isis, 2008.
344p ; 23cm.
Series title:
07531797769780753179772 (pbk)
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